ZyXEL Communications Corp. 


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ZyXEL Communications Corp. 

Корпорация ZyXEL Communications является ведущим разработчиком сетевых решений на базе интернет-технологий.
Применение нашего оборудования позволит Вам с максимальной отдачей использовать преимущества широкополосного доступа, современных беспроводных технологий и создать эффективную среду межличностного общения и корпоративного взаимодействия.

ZyXEL Communications Corporation — это стабильно развивающаяся компания, в которой работают высокопрофессиональные сотрудники, где каждый имеет возможность внести личный вклад в успех бизнеса.


Our Mission

To create Internet access solutions that accelerate information exchange and improve effectiveness of people and organizations.

As one of the world's leading broadband access solutions vendors, ZyXEL is dedicated to ensuring that you can efficiently and safely take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer. Our mission is to understand all your needs, and then create the most effective network environment for you.

Our Promise

ZyXEL's promise to its customers is to help them realize the full potential of networking technology, making it easy to take advantage of exciting new Internet applications made possible by broadband access--such as e-commerce, online entertainment, and distance learning. In order to unleash networking power for its customers, ZyXEL offers innovative broadband access solutions.

Due to the extraordinarily fast pace of technology advances in the networking field, innovation is the key to fulfilling this promise. Fortunately, a spirit of innovation is at the very heart of ZyXEL's corporate culture, and the strongest driving force behind its ability to emerge as one of the world's leaders in broadband access solutions.

Moreover, ZyXEL has the experience and expertise to provide customers with complete solutions. Drawing on its many years of developing for the networking market--from modems in its early years to today's broadband access solutions, from personal networking devices to central office equipment--ZyXEL has the technical capabilities and comprehensive product lineup required to help customers to quickly and easily implement robust broadband services.

Our Background

Founded in 1989 as a modem developer, ZyXEL has transformed itself several times in response to changes in the rapidly evolving networking industry. Since its establishment, ZyXEL's main product lines have shifted from modems, ISDN terminal adapters, and routers for individuals and small businesses to a comprehensive range of networking solutions for a more broadly defined customer base including larger enterprises and service providers.

Today, ZyXEL is one of the world's leading broadband access solutions specialists. With headquarters located in Taiwan, ZyXEL maintains offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Currently, ZyXEL has around 800 employees globally, with distributors in more than seventy countries, and products marketed in more than 150 countries on five continents.

Core Competence, Key to Success

ZyXEL products utilize the most advanced iterations of IP technology, complemented by superior product quality, enabling it to become a key player in the global broadband access equipment market. In addition to maintaining an array of proprietary technologies that have won it acclaim from all quarters, ZyXEL is one of the world's few vendors able to integrate WAN, LAN, DSL, firewall, wireless LAN networking, and routing technologies in its product offerings.

With its extensive range of broadband technologies and technological autonomy, ZyXEL is not only able to provide a highly diverse range of products and integrated solutions, but is also able to provide customized products to meet the specific needs of customers. To maintain its technology advantage, ZyXEL devotes an average of 6% of revenues to its R&D efforts, with staffing levels for R&D accounting for over a quarter of the total workforce.

One Direction, All the Solutions

Innovation is a core value in ZyXEL's corporate culture, and is reflected in the products it creates. ZyXEL's superior R&D capabilities enable it to rapidly integrate new technological advances into its products. These capabilities also allow it to take advantage of the most advanced broadband technologies to create a comprehensive lineup of access multiplexors, customer premise equipment, switches, wireless LAN equipment, and firewall solutions.

In addition, ZyXEL's innovation extends to its design of integrated solutions, which take advantage of superior understanding of the broadband market and of particular customer concerns. ZyXEL provides a product lineup unmatched in breadth, depth, and time-to-market. Examples of innovative solutions include a combination of DSL, firewall, and wireless technologies for SOHO and small business Internet access environments, as well as integrated IP DSLAM equipment, switches, and routers for the complex networking environments found on campuses and hotels.

Global Vision, Local Touch

While maintaining its expansive vision of enhancing communications between individuals and organizations through networking technology, ZyXEL is equally devoted to providing its customers service with a local touch. ZyXEL believes that providing customers with high quality, high value-added products and services tuned to their particular needs is the way to create the greatest benefit for them.

ZyXEL's customer-centric approach finds its roots in the company's corporate culture and extends to every facet of its operations--product development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. Through its worldwide offices, ZyXEL is able to understand and fulfil the varying localized requirements of its customers. This ability to operate on a global scale while maintaining sensitivity to local needs is a key reason to work closely with leading telcos and service providers as a long-term partner.

Powered by Innovation, Geared for Growth
With its deft handling of industry and market changes, superlative development capabilities, capable executive team, and other assets, ZyXEL has been able to record a string of successes, giving its corporate history both consistency and distinction. And not only has ZyXEL had a stellar past, but with its forward-looking growth-oriented product strategies, visionary management, and operational excellence, it can look forward to a future of even greater promise.